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Troubleshooting Guide About Ring Indoor Wireless Cam Issues

Ring Indoor Wireless Cam

The camera is used nowadays in every industry because the cases of theft are increasing day by day. Then, for this situation, the security camera is the best option to fully protect your & your family. But people prefer such a camera which gives protection to their entire house and can be easily connected by giving them their mobile phone. Because by being connected with a mobile phone, you can check the view of your house from anywhere, you can be alert at once. If you wish to install & use a wireless camera then you completely install Ring Indoor wireless cam because it easily connects to the mobile phone. You can use this camera outside and inside your home without any problem. The microphone is enhanced in this camera With which you can also hear your voice.

Additionally, the indoor wireless camera is perfect for your home as well as your business. The installation of this camera is not complete with the package content accessories you simply install the wireless camera in a hassle-free manner. If you wish to perform the setup of the indoor camera then you can easily perform it. Simply install the app on your mobile phone and then quickly perform the setup in an easy manner. 

Peculiarities of the Ring Indoor Wireless Cam

If you wish to install the camera outside of your home then you simply install this camera. Because it is wireless and specially designed for the indoor. If you wish to use this camera in your home then you need to know its peculiarities in an accurate manner. Because this peculiarity is most important for the security camera.

1080p HD video resolution & enhanced two-way audio

The Ring wireless security camera records the videos and also captures the photos. Although, the 1080p HD resolution is enhanced in this camera that completely records the videos in full HD quality. Other wireless cameras do not record full HD videos because the 1080p resolution is not enhanced. But this security camera comes along with 1080p HD resolution. Suppose, anything is missing in your home and you can find this thing with the help of security. For this, you need to see the recorded videos. Because the recorded video provides help. The video quality of the security camera is HD. Inside the recorded video, you will see everything very clearly because the video that will be recorded will be with 1080p resolution.

Besides this, the microphone is also built-in in this camera. So you can listen to the sound along with watching the video for 2 years. If you want, you can also turn off these mics, this is also a facility inside this camera.

Get real-time notification

The Ring wireless camera is very compatible with the mobile phone. If you think about how to attach your mobile phone to the wireless camera. Then with the Ring app, you easily attach the mobile phone to the wireless camera. But for this, you need to install the Ring app on your mobile phone. You can easily find this app on the Google Play Store or Apple App store on your iPhone. After installing the app on your mobile device, you should add the camera to the app with the + icon. After adding the camera in the app, you can easily watch the live view of your home. If you are out somewhere and you want to see the view of your house, then you just open this app and you can see the view of your house. Thus, this camera is perfect for getting real-time notifications. 

Works with Amazon Alexa 

The Ring wireless camera works with Amazon Alexa. This means that you can operate this camera even with your voice. But for this, you need to connect the Amazon Alexa to the security camera. If you wish to attach the Amazon Alexa to the camera, then open the Ring app on your mobile phone. In the setting option of the Ring app, you will find out the option. While using the option you quickly connect the Amazon Alexa to the indoor cam. Afterward, only speak “Hi Alexa turn on the mic” then the camera instantly turns on the mic.

Resolve the Ring Indoor Wireless Cam Issues

Sometimes the issue comes with the security then it does not record the videos, videos are blurry, not turning ON, and some other issues. If you wish to resolve these issues manually, then you need to follow some steps. After following the given steps the issues are accurately solved. 

The wireless camera will not turn On

Sometimes the issue comes when the wireless indoor camera will not turn ON. if the camera is not turned ON then you should verify the faulty charging cable. If the charging cable is faulty then your wireless camera is not turned ON. Sometimes this cable is totally damaged. You have to check if the charging cable of this device is illuminated when you have plugged the charging cable into the camera. If the light is not illuminating then you need to verify the USB cable. If it is damaged then you should replace this cable. Many times the battery is faulty then your wireless camera is not turned ON. If the battery is also damaged then you need to replace it to fix the issue. 

No sound

If no sound is input in the ring indoor wireless camera then you need to verify the sound setting. Many times the sound option is disabled then no sound is heard. If this option is disabled then you need to enable it. Sometimes the faulty speaker also caused the problem, so you should replace this faulty speaker. If the problem is not solved then you can reset it. If you think about how to reset the ring camera then with the reset button you can easily perform the reset. 

The recorded video is blurry

If the Ring indoor camera does not record the videos that mean no WIFi connection or poor connection. If this camera is not connected to the WiFi network then you need to connect it. With the app, you easily connect the camera to the Wifi network. Sometimes, in the Lens of the wireless camera, the dust particles are there then this camera records the burry videos. To manually solve the issue, you use a dry cloth and then accurately clean the lens of this camera. 

Ring indoor wireless cam Does Not Respond To Motion

If the wireless indoor camera does not detect the motion you need to ensure the motion detection is turned off in the setting. If it is turned off then you need to turn it ON. Sometimes the firmware is outdated then the motion is not responded to. With the rind app, you can easily update the firmware. 

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