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What are the Advanced Features of The TPLink Deco M4 Repeater?

TPLink Deco M4 Repeater

The TPLink Deco M4 Repeater provides better WiFi coverage than other normal routers. It has three units that help to create a whole home wifi mesh system that can seamlessly cover up to 5300 square feet of area. Moreover, it provides a strong and reliable wifi connection. It can seamlessly extend the wifi range with other existing routers. Also, it can eliminate all the dead zones from your house by reaching every corner effectively. You need a wifi name and password and you can roam everywhere and access an uninterrupted WiFi connection in a hassle-free manner.

The TP-Link Deco M4 setup is convenient and effortless. You just use the Deco app and your configuration is done after installing the app, follow on-screen instructions. You can also enable the parental control and guest mode for the security of your network WiFi connection. It helps to keep your child safe with easy blocking of the sites and prevents your child’s reach. You can also limit the time to play the games online.

Advanced Features of the TPLink Deco M4 Repeater

The TPLink Deco M4 Repeater has advanced features and you can configure those features according to the networking environment. You can change the dynamic IP address or address reservation, port forwarding. Also, you can disable tp-link DDNS, VLAN settings, and fast roaming. You can also manage the LED control and notification and operation mode of the router. Here are some of the settings you can manage efficiently.

IPv4 settings

You can change IPv4 settings in which you can disable some features from your TP-Link router. You can easily get the IP address of your router from the IPv4 settings and check the connection type of the router and change it as per the network environment. If you don’t know the subnet mask then you can check from there. It also provides the information of the default gateway, primary DNS, or secondary DNS.

IPv6 Settings

In this article, you can also change the setting of IPv6 and get information about the WAN connection and its connection type. From which you can also customize the connection type of the router as well as the IP address, primary or secondary DNS of the router with LAN address and its information.

The IP address for particular devices with forwarding rules

In the advanced features of the router, you can address the reservation that helps you reserve the IP address for a particular device. Whenever you try to establish the connection with the deco m4 repeater then it can automatically get the same IP address without making any trouble and makes your work easier. In the port forwarding, it helps to make your PC and other smart devices allow you to find the local network connection. Also, it ensures that the wifi which is created should be safe and secure.

Registering into Domain name with VLAN settings

The DDNS domain name of the router helps you to create a friendly domain name of your router that you can use instead of an IP address to access the internet services of the deco m4 router. In the VLAN settings of the router, you can enable or disable the VLAN mode and set it into the custom mode for a smooth wifi connection. From the VLAN settings you also get the VLAN ID details of the tp-link deco repeater.

LED Indication controlling system with fast roaming devices

You can control the LED settings of the router. Also shift the day mode into the night mode. During any period of time, you can change the LED status as it helps you to find the ideal location for your router. By enabling the fast roaming services for your wireless device, you get seamless wifi coverage. While setting up your router with the tplinkrepeater default password then don’t forget to turn its mode on. If you turn on this feature mode then this device can be disconnected from older routers automatically. In that case, you can try again to join the network with another wifi device.

Review on TPLink Deco M4 Repeater

The TPLink Deco M4 Repeater has an easy setup function with advanced features that make it adorable from traditional routers. It can seamlessly be your wifi mesh system and provide an internet connection to all corners of your house. You can stream movies, videos and play games without any disturbance of the blind spots. The TP-Link repeater is highly recommended to people and also it is compatible with the Amazon Alexa devices.

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