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How To Troubleshoot Connectivity Issue Related To Home Mesh Wifi System?

Home Mesh Wifi System


The tp-link deco m5 is a perfect whole-home mesh wifi system. Because this wifi system is a reliable networking device, it connects every networking device and delivers a better wi-fi network signal. This wifi system is specially made for the home and then produces an amazing wireless network. The tp-link deco mesh wi-fi system brings next-generation wifi 6 technology that produces a higher network speed with greater network capacity. This wifi system comes with 3 units and every unit covers the network area 2,000 sq. ft. that means the three-unit of the deco covers 6,000 square feet area. The tp-link deco m5 home mesh wifi system works with advanced mesh networking technology that enhances the network coverage. With this technology, the wireless range reaches every corner of the home.

The tp-link deco m5 wifi system absolutely abolishes the wi-fi dead zone and then fun more entertainment. With this mesh wifi system no more buffering and interrupted signal. You can walk from room to room in your smart home with your smartphone or tablet and stay connected to the deco unit. You promptly update the firmware through This is the IP address and quickly find out in the manual.

Features of the Tplink deco m5 home mesh wifi system 

The tp-link deco delivers smooth network coverage with a reliable network connection. This networking device has basic features, with these features you simply control your device and properly use this networking device.

No more dead zones

The tp-link deco m5 wifi network system delivers a wifi network speed of up to 1267 Mbps. with this speed, the deco unit covers every corner of the home. This wireless AC speed is more strong and reliable. If you can install the deco unit then the wi-fi dead zone will automatically burnish. After burnishing the dead zone you have more fun with the better network coverage.

Quickly manage the tp-link deco m5 wifi system

The tp-link deco unit works with three units. The one unit of the tplink deco produces 2,000 network coverage. The deco is quickly available in the Google Play Store or Apple App store that provides the option to manage your wifi system anytime, anywhere.

Seamless roaming 

The tp-link deco m5 home mesh wifi system gives the unified home network surrounding the home. With one password and SSID, the mobile phone or tablet is automatically connected to the deco mesh wifi system. And you enjoy seamlessly roaming if you walk any room of the home.

Troubleshoot the connectivity issue related to the tp-link deco m5 home mesh wifi system 

The tp-link deco m5 wifi networking device offers a wider network coverage with a reliable network connection. This networking device like tablet/iPhone/desktop/ and more automatically connects to the wi-fi system while utilizing a network name & password. But the connectivity issue is there related to the tp-link deco wifi system. Then you can immediately resolve the issue with the troubleshooting steps.

The login page is not load 

The login is mandatory to operate and control the tp-link deco m5 wifi system. Without a login page, you cannot manually configure the wifi system. If you want to get the login page of this WiFi system but you are not loading it. Then the fault is you use the wrong and incorrect IP addresses. If you wish to use the correct IP address then take the manual and then read this manual. Because in this manual you can find out every information related to the mesh wifi system. Then, use the internet interface and then fill in this correct login IP address. Afterward, the login window is automatically prompted. 

A network connection is unstable or interrupted 

The network connection of the tp-link deco m5 wifi system is interrupted and unstable. Then the troubleshooting tip is you can verify the LED status of the deco unit. If the LED status is red then the common issue is your deco unit is not connected to the internet modem. Then make the connection among both network devices. You can use a network cable and then apply it to the LAN port. Maybe the fault is the overheating source, so you can place it in a cool and dry place. If the LED is solid green then the connection is secure and stable.

Perform the reset of tp-link deco m5 home mesh wifi system 

The tp-link deco m5 comes along with a small reset button. This button is located on the back bottom panel. If the tp-link deco m5 not working then the perfect networking solution is you can perform the reset with this reset button. 

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